Pocean was created out of the need for a truly and completely botanical product that functions at a salon quality level.

Working means, that it would clean the hair well, leaving it nurtured and moisturized as well as light and looking its best without any residue.

Pocean was also created to support the scalp (your biggest detoxification organ by pore size) to do its job properly. That means to help toxins come out of your body easily so they dont have to get stored anywhere else.

If products with fillers (silicone, dimethicone, anything ending on -cone, glycerin, plasticizers etc) are used, they leave a plastic film around your scalp, hair and anything else it gets in contact with. The result is hair that looks like "Barbie Hair" and feels tacky, sticky, crunchy or extremely slippery and a scalp that can not support your body with its detoxification.