Differences between hand sanitizers

By now we all know what we would want from a hand sanitizer. We all want one that uses excellent alcohol, doesnt dry out our hands and smells great.

What we often get when we use hand sanitizer is sticky or slippery hands, a skin crawling yucky smell, dry and cracked hands and an overall gross feeling.

Well, there are different ingredients that make it one or the other. The most important part is alcohol. There are different types of alcohol. Some are absolutely pure like food grade ethyl alcohol others are not so much. Some are made from wood, some from grain. 

Add ons like glycerin just pretend to do good but they dont prevent the hands from drying out. There is no need of other chemicals in hand sanitizers either, they dont make it more effective.

And then there are some natural ingredients that, although they are good, they may either be unnecessary or still leave some sort of unwanted stickiness. 

People dont want to use bad hand sanitizer. If its not good they only use it reluctantly if they use it at all. 

For Hand Sanity we, here at Pocean Botanicals, have created a hand sanitizer with pure food grade ethyl alcohol, a mix of tried and true moisturizing botanicals and a great combination of essential oils. It doesnt dry out your hands and smells awesome.

Maybe its the one for you.


Alexandra Hooper

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  • learned of this product through my Winter 2021 Maple Box. Love it. I am now ordering a bundle for the whole family.

    Marie Harnden

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